Moby Goes to Bruneau and Big Jacks Creek

May 2016

Bruneau, in southwestern Idaho, is small . . . really small. Settled in 1860 as a farming and ranching community, there’s not much here now but a handful of houses, a school, and Jumbo’s where you can pick up beer, bait, and bullets on your way to Big Jacks Creek.


You can also buy booze at Jumbo’s, but Larry and Bryan buy Idaho fishing licenses instead.


Grandson Keyton goes for an ice cream bar.


Don’t pee “allover” the toilet seat at Jumbo’s!


This bus/house/trailer is parked outside Jumbo’s. Note the chimney (for a woodstove?) and rear windows for taking in the view. Larry thinks this is the perfect rig for a raft trip.


Drive south of Bruneau on Highway 51, follow a dirt road a while, then take the rocky cow path until you get to the trail into Big Jacks Creek.


Big Jacks Creek is a favorite of ours when we’re looking for a hiking and fishing destination close to Boise. You can read about our February 2015 trip here: Moby Goes to Big Jacks Creek.


The Big Jacks Creek Wilderness was created in 2009 and encompasses 52,753 acres.


There’s an old faint trail into the canyon, but mostly you’re on your own.


Big Jacks Creek flows north toward the Bruneau River but dries up before arriving. This section has been dammed by beavers.


Keyton follows Larry up the canyon searching for a spot to fish that doesn’t involve thrashing through brush and muck to reach the water.


These native redband trout don’t see many fisherman and are easy to catch.


Fish on! The score at the end of an hour: Keyton 4 / Larry 2.


A whopper! The biggest catch of the day was 9″.


Bryan makes his way out of the canyon after fishing downstream from Larry and Keyton.



On the way out, Larry and Keyton (who hates to have his picture taken!) do some scientific research.

What a great day to be a kid.


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