Moby Goes to Poison Creek

May 2014 / Poison Creek / Southwestern Idaho

Poison Creek is a small (~20 miles long) tributary of the Jarbidge River. Both streams run through deep canyons that slice through flat range land. It’s flat-flat all around and then suddenly a series of cliffs drop down maybe 500 feet to the water far below. The confluence of Poison Creek and the Jarbidge River creates a canyon confluence where we camped. Beyond the canyons, looking south into Nevada, is the Jarbidge Range.

Moby camps near Poison Creek canyon.
Moby camps on the edge of Poison Creek canyon.
Confluence of Poison Creek (left) and the Jarbidge River (right) with the Jarbidge Mountains (Nevada) in the background.
The Jarbidge River is barely visible, a shiny streak in the bottom of the canyon green in early spring.
Contrasts: flat rangeland sharply cut by the canyon with towering mountains beyond.
Nobody’s home.




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  1. Once again we enjoyed living vicariously through you guys. Always love your posts. Would like an up-date on how you are doing. Hope that treatments are progressing as they should and that you are holding up to it all. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that life will ever return to normal, but we are praying that it will! Rest, relax, and do what the Doc says! We hope that your holidays are full of love and memories, and that next year will be full of good health and blessings! Love to you both. Ann and Wally

    Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2014 06:33:49 +0000 To:

    1. Good to hear from you, too, Julie! Looking forward to getting back on the Moby trail this spring. Until then, I’m trying to catch up on posting from last summer’s trips.

  2. Thank you. Gorgeous picture of the canyon in spring. I drove through that area along the Owhyee in September and saw the Jarbridge on the map. Glad to actually ‘see’ it.


    1. Dawn, there are a lot of those while alkali deposits out in that country, so that is my guess as to the “Poison” name. It was named long ago before anyone analyzed carefully for things like arsenic or selenium.

      1. I was trying to find out more online and did not, although there is a Poison Creek campground and recreation area and waterfall and a stage coach stop which still has a stone/masonry building there.

    2. Dawn, I found all of those other references to Poison Creek as well as I did my own internet research. But unfortunately all of those are associated with a different Poison Creek located about 100 miles northeast of the one we were at. Like in botany, common names can be a problem. Perhaps streams should have Latin names as well?

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