Moby Goes for Busted Rail Towns, Buffalo, and Buses

I am much inclined to live from my rucksack,

and let my trousers fray as they like. 

— Hermann Hesse

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kelton, Utah: Railroad Town

Wide open spaces near Kelton, Utah

Kelton, in northern Utah, is long gone.

Getting there is a long lonely drive going nowhere and one we recommend.

(See location here.)

Cemetery at Kelton, Utah

Operating as a station for the Central Pacific Railroad from 1869 – 1942, Kelton was 734 miles from San Francisco. There’s not much here now except traces of a few foundations and the old cemetery.

Note faint lettering on this wooden grave marker.


Wooden stock trough




~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Antelope Island: Where the Buffalo Roam

Antelope Island State Park, northwest of Salt Lake City, is surrounded by the shallow salty waters of the Great Salt Lake. Once a ranch (no fences needed), it’s now home to a bison herd.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mystic Hot Springs: Funky and not-so-Functional


You’ll be ready to book your next vacation–or make a permanent move–to Mystic Hot Springs (in Monroe, Utah) after looking at their website:

But hold onto your credit card! It’s easier make a website than to run a resort.

Their website promises an “authentic environment” and a place that is “funky but functional.”

The swimming pool: definitely not functional.

Score one for funky, however, with Mystic’s collection of old buses.



You can spend the night in one of these beauties: $90 for two people.

Quick! Sign me up!


Ah, but surely the hot spring pools are divine . . .

Larry looks skeptically at the tubs on offer.


Today’s forecast: lukewarm and mostly scummy

If you’re still reading and want to know more about Mystic Hot Springs, here’s a blurb from their website:

“Producer/Director/Artist Mike Ginsburg was traveling in his bus back to Denver from the last Vegas Dead shows in 1995, when he stumbled into Mystic Hot Springs. Instantly he realized that everything he was looking for was right there. Miraculously he was able to purchase the resort. Having worked since 1996, he is still at it! His artistic talent has been used to add new Soaking areas, restore pioneer Cabins, promote many wonderful Concerts, produce DVD’s, create stunning Lampwork glass Jewelery and bring a special energy to this wonderful place.”

Imagine the miracle of Mystic! A place that holds everything you’re looking for right there! A place that you can miraculously purchase! A place where, 22 years later, you can be still at it! A place where you can create stunning Lampwork and glass Jewelery with your special energy!

Ah, but I am not being nice, and I’d take running Mystic over a desk job any day. Since my pal Tom requested a return to the snarky blog post, I have tried to oblige.


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