Moby Goes to Jennie Lake

June 2015

We took our grandkids on a two-night backpack trip into Jennie Lake near Idaho City, Idaho. This is a great trip for kids. The hike is about 4 miles with 2,000′ elevation gain. According to the Forest Service, the trail is “suitable for the whole family or elderly folks.” Larry disagrees. He says a 4 mile hike on steep, slippery trail might not be suitable for grandpa and his walker. More information here.


We pitched our tents near the lake.


Larry gave the kids fly fishing lessons. The lake has rainbow and cutthroat trout.


Keyton caught his first fish on a fly, and everyone joined the anatomy lesson that followed.


Larry helped the kids build a fire. The foil-wrapped trout went on the coals.




If you don’t have a plate, use pages from the New Yorker magazine. Very fancy!

5 thoughts

  1. Larry and Janene{sp}, in the latest Bugle magazine there is a big article on the Smith river in Montana. I talks about the Tenderfoot  river that runs into it—sounds worth investigating.. Check out the magazine racks for the Bugle. Should be no sweat in Idaho…..S.  

    1. A magazine named the Bungle? I did not know Idaho’s Gov.Otter had his own publication. 🙂 Thanks, I’ll check it out.

  2. Keep this blog going you two. We love the travels and are almost there completely ourselves. As you know we don’t let any grass grow under our feet. Keep Moby going. We are back down in the desert Nov 16th – Dec 8th. Can’t wait to get back. Wish you the best. Burt and Marilyn

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