Moby Goes to Yellowstone and Teton National Parks

The mountains are calling and I must go.  -John Muir

While Larry was in Portland in late September, I took a solo trip to Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. The clouds were fantastic.

Back road into Mack’s Inn, Idaho.


I stayed at the Madison campground in Yellowstone Park. The elk were bugling in the adjoining field.


Yellowstone Park is full of strange and beautiful things . . .


Old Faithful erupts about 20 times each day, average height 130-140 feet, eruption time is between 1 and 1.5 minutes, water temperature about 204 degrees.

Watching Old Faithful made me vow to TURN OFF MY PHONE. Nobody was directly watching Old Faithful but instead viewed it through their screens. I wasn’t watching the geyser either–instead, I watched my fellow tourists watch their phones.


From Yellowstone Park, I drove south into Teton National Park. The clouds came along for the ride.



Mormon Row, in Teton National Park: Mormon settlers arrived in 1890 and built a thriving farming/ranching community. Many original buildings remain.



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  1. Very Nice fellow Sportsmobilers, keep on traveling. Greetings from Cochabamba, Bolivia.



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