Moby Goes to Mystery Lake

We often don’t reveal locations on our blog, so this lovely Idaho lake will have to remain unnamed.

Sadly, like many places we’ve visited in the past years, the whitebark pines (like this monster below) are dead.


We were here in mid-August and there was still plenty of snow. Our puppy Calli Callister loved it!


But on to the serious business of fishing! Larry and Calli rig up.


Larry’s secret fly: a yellow jacket.


Larry casts against the tropical blue, crystal clear waters of Mystery Lake.


A few hours’ fishing yield golden trout.




Larry demonstrates the long-arm-to-the-lens camera shot, a staple of fish photographers. What a giant fish!


Calli takes a break in a delightful bed of mud.


The wildflowers are at their prime in mid-August here at 9,075 feet.

Beautiful day, beautiful lake . . .





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