Moby Goes with Calli on Board


In December we brought home an 8 week old Black Labrador pup. Calli came from Tiger Mountain Pointing Labs in Ellensburg, Washington.


Not my first rodeo, I prepared for the new arrival by barricading off much of the back yard. Also I shoveled and swept the lawn so she would have grass, not snow, to pee on.


I barricaded off most of the house too, limiting Calli to just the kitchen and laundry room. Janene found the orange construction fencing between the living room and kitchen to be a novel decor. Very chic indeed, and it was good stretching exercise for we senior citizens to climb over it in the following months.




Could such an innocent face ever do any damage?











4BCalli quickly demonstrated to Janene just how much Labs love to chew on shoes. Truth is, it was Janene’s idea to get a dog. I had thought I might never have another hunting dog. With all our travels, and hiking in national parks where dogs are not allowed, there are many good reasons not to have a dog. The main one being that Janene has an irrational fear of most dogs. Plus Janene’s motto for years has been “no kids, no pets, no plants”, which made it very easy to leave home for long periods of time or on short notice. For awhile I actually found myself arguing against a dog, but then I slapped myself up the side of the head and got on board. When will I learn? Janene has had so many crazy yet brilliant ideas over the years.


Our old growth Douglas Fir floors, which I meticulously rebuilt board by board, were now under assault by sharp little claws and teeth.


Calli’s first Moby trip was to Portland for Christmas, then on to Long Beach, Washington. Living in Idaho it seems like Canada is a close neighbor, but it is actually quicker to drive to the Pacific Ocean than to the Canadian border.


Long Beach is a laid-back, old school tourist town. Nothing pretentious. It hasn’t (yet) been overbuilt with super-sized vacation homes.  World famous Jake the Alligator Man is Long Beach’s most famous citizen. Marsh’s is Long Beach’s most famous tourist trap.

9We like Long Beach because vehicles are allowed on the beach by day. At night Moby can camp just behind the dunes. At dawn when Calli woke us, it was 28°F. Much of the sand had a white frozen crust.


Janene finds it creepy to drive near the water. Despite the proclamation as “The World’s Longest Beach” emblazoned on an archway in town, the beach here is not the longest beach in the world. It should be called the “World’s Longest Continuous Peninsula Beach” because at 28 miles it is the world’s longest beach on a peninsula.


Even in the cold and the whipping wind little Calli was happy to be outside. Labs are tough. Janene stayed in Moby with the furnace on. And a down jacket.


We camped behind the dunes at night, and then each day we would drive to a nice little spot with a nearby creek and hang out for the day.


Each night after Calli was asleep in her crate we bad parents would hit the Long Beach Tavern. The LBT likes to call itself a dive bar, but it is a step above that. It feels more local than touristy, at least on a winter weeknight.



They make a great bowl of seafood chowder. I had it three nights running.


Janene loved this sign amongst all the football-filled TV screens.


Of course every morning we had to hit this awesome bakery. They have all the classic pastries that a beach town bakery should have, plus a small deli.


One day we drove north to check out this mansion disguised as a lighthouse. It is the northernmost structure on the Pacific side of the peninsula.


It belongs to one of Janene’s 100+ first cousins. Janene’s parents and their 19 siblings begat a lot of cousins.


We snuck in close for a good peek. This main structure is just part of the over-the-top 200 acre estate.


Calli thinks everyone is her best friend. She practically wiggles out of her skin at the sight of someone new. Thus the chain to keep her from running to greet and jump on every beach walker.


Poor little pup. Chained up like a junkyard dog. But we think she will love her lifetime of Moby adventures to come.

12 thoughts

  1. Cute little varmint. We sure miss having our German Shorthairs, but large dog really impede travelling…………S.

    1. Scott, it is looking like Calli won’t get too big. We specifically wanted a small Lab, and her parents weren’t too big. Her dad was only 65 pounds.

  2. That is one good looking pup! And we all know how destructive those cute little labs can be. But, you gotta love them in spite of it. Great job on being proactive about the possible destruction.

    Sherri Proulx Educational Assistant Wilkes Elementary School ________________________________

    1. Yes, Sherri, with two retired, experienced parents Calli hasn’t been able to get into much trouble.

    1. Bob, thanks to your horror stories of Peat demanding to be fed at the crack of dawn we have made sure Calli has to wait awhile between getting up and getting fed.

  3. Cutest Junkyard dog ever. And considerably more grown up now. Thanks for sharing this first adventure. A cute dog niece for sure. Aunt Nancy

    1. Thanks Nancy for identifying yourself, rather than just being anonymous. When I take Calli to the nearby dog park there is often a pair of Airedales there. They always make me think of your dogs, Rusty and ???? And when Calli does some digging in the backyard I always figure it could be worse- she could be an Airedale!

  4. What a cute pup! What a strange lighthouse house!
    I am glad to see Jake the Alligator Man survives.

    1. Dawn, I swear he used to be called “Jake the Alligator Boy”. I guess he has aged along with the rest of us.

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