Moby Goes Wandering

Not all those who wander are lost.  -J.R.R. Tolkien

Funny the things you come across if you wander around and let them find you. Leave a comment and vote for your favorite . . .

Hwy 30 NW Utah (?)
Beer can tree on Highway 30 in northwestern Utah
truth or consequences nm
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
Halloween Surfer, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, California
Study Butte, Texas
Clown Motel
Tonopah, Nevada
Ammon, ID
Ammon, Idaho
Hoover Dam, Nevada
Port Aransas, Texas
Van Horn, TX
Van Horn, Texas
Chorizo coffee (1)
Somewhere in northwestern Nevada
London Bridge, Lake Havasu City, AZ
The London Bridge, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
death valley, saratoga springs
Death Valley National Park, California
Harper Jct worms
Harper Junction, Oregon, Brian Coleman’s general store
Bombing range
South of Bruneau, Idaho
Dubois skull
Dubois, Wyoming

14 thoughts

  1. I’m wondering what diesel fried chicken would taste like? P.S. – Let Larry know that my sister found some old pictures of his folks and his sisters. I could mail them to him if he is interested!

  2. Quite a few I could think of commenting on….but one of my favorites is the blank info sign. Not so much that it is blank, but the intense studying of Larry…if anyone can find some info on that sign, it would be Larry!

  3. Hard to decode. You go to such interesting places. I have a pic of the blank info sign in Death Valley. I like Rod’s take on that one. I think I would pick the Diesel Fried Chicken sign.

  4. These are fantastic and it’s hard to choose a favorite but, if I must, I find great comfort in knowing that Cod still loves me! 🙂

  5. OK. My favorite is the bombing range because even the military should have figured out how dumb that sounded.

    Sharon Nesbit 503-665-0423

  6. They are all so good, but I think my vote has to go to the blank information sign in Death Valley. It just seems so deeply symbolic. Plus, Larry is studying it so intently. Then there is what appears to be a safety line on the ground around it that reminds me of the lines around the saws in wood shop class. Like someone was trying to warn passersby not to get too close to the sign – there is this impending sense of danger. Or, maybe the sign isn’t really blank; you have to be standing within the safety line to be able to read the mysterious words from another dimension.

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