Moby Goes Rambling Through SE Utah

It is true that even with the draining of Lake Powell, we could not return to the way the river and the canyons were in 1869 when Major John Wesley Powell traversed the Green and Colorado Rivers.”   –David L. Wegner

For me, it’s hard to see the Colorado River and Lake Powell without missing the canyons and rivers lost with the dams. Join us on a long, slow ramble through southeastern Utah:

Bullfrog Marina on Lake Powell: biggest boat ramp we’ve ever seen. Note the bathtub ring on the lake in the background. It looks small from here, but it’s about 50′ high.
Once flooded at the upper end of Lake Powell, the Colorado River banks are now buried deep in mud and covered by brush. If the reservoir fills in the future, this stretch will be underwater again.
This slow, muddy Colorado backs up behind Glen Canyon dam to form Lake Powell. A controlled release from the bottom of the dam creates the cold, clear stretch of the Colorado River that flows through the Grand Canyon with its world class whitewater. Hard to believe it’s the same river.
Natural Bridges National Monument: Douglas-fir pink “flowers” are actually immature seed cones. Read how it works here.
Natural Bridges National Monument
Natural Bridges National Monument
Natural Bridges National Monument
Natural Bridges National Monument
Bears Ears National Monument, established December 2016, is in danger of losing its National Monument status along with all other national monuments greater than 100,000 acres created since 1996 pending a review ordered by Trump.
We took advantage of free camping and a great view at Muley Point overlooking Monument Valley to rig for our Grand Canyon float trip.
Muley Point’s sweeping views dwarf Moby.
Larry wanted to park Moby on this outcrop for the night, but I firmly rejected the idea.
Larry!!  How did you get down there?  How will you get out?


Monument Valley:  smog from nearby coal-fired power plants mixed with blowing dust.
Moki Dugway: 3 miles of 10% road grade, gravel switchbacks carved into the cliff face.
Seeing this school bus in Monument Valley made Larry long for his days taking students on field trips (but not enough to go back to work).


5 thoughts

  1. Janene, I think you missed out on a great opportunity with parking Moby on that rocky outcropping. All the millenials think you missed out on a great photo op i’m sure.

  2. Thanks brought back many good memories of scenic country. Take Care. Love, Dad and Mom

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