Moby Goes Fishing

October 2017

We decided to squeeze in one more mountain lakes fishing trip before the snow, so we headed to Trinity Lakes in Idaho’s Boise mountains. A storm earlier in the week left a few inches on the ground, just enough to hint at approaching winter.

Big Trinity Lake

Camping in Moby makes cold weather irrelevant: turn up the furnace!


We hiked into a chain of lakes beneath Trinity Peak.


Lots of dead trees from an old burn, but still gorgeous country.


Brother-in-law Lloyd with the fire lookout perched high on Trinity Peak behind him.


The Trinity Peak Lookout was built in 1922. Originally a 12’x12′ stone cabin with an iron roof, today’s version is a 10’x10′ concrete base topped with a live-in cabin.  The lookout is still staffed during summer fire season.



Trinity Mountain Lookout in the 1940s. (
Toilet with a view! (

Our first glimpse of Fiddle Lake with Trinity Peak and the lookout in distance.


Larry pulled three 10-12″ cutthroat from Fiddle Lake.


Sister Colleen caught this whopper on a spinner.


The weather alternated between sunny blue skies and clouds and wind.


Next in the chain of lakes was Big Lookout Lake.


The next day we headed for blue ribbon fishing and warmer weather at the South Fork of the Boise River below Anderson Dam.



Anderson Dam

Larry fights a lunker in the SF Boise.


This rainbow trout measured 20″.


From Anderson Dam, we meandered our way to the Danskin Fire Lookout in the foothills of the Boise National Forest just north of Mountain Home, Idaho.

Danskin Lookout was built in 1940 and is still manned in the summer.

Larry’s winter heating system keeps Moby’s pipes from freezing and doubles as my hairdryer.


Sunrise from Danskin Lookout.


Sunrise over the South Fork of the Boise River canyon from Danskin Lookout.


The road to Danskin Lookout traverses very steep mountainsides. Creepy!


Moby on a tiny road in a big blue sky.



13 thoughts

  1. Aren’t we all fortunate that we have such wonderful places to visit right in our ‘back yards’?! Thank you, as always, for sharing your adventures with us. The pictures, captions and locations are quite inspiring – especially the unique hair dryer 😉

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Fantastic Sunset & Gorgeous Fishing Lakes, along with the 20″ Rainbow Trout. Your journeys never disappoint. Thank you for taking us along with you in your great pictures.

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